Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What Kris Did Not Mention

In her previous post, Kris talked about last weekend’s competition in New Paltz. The ride up, the hotel/strip club, the pubs, the friends, the awards…but she never got to the highlight of the weekend for her: meeting Butch Lupinetti. She fell in love with Butch’s larger than life, positive attitude when she first saw him on the now infamous Throwdown with Bobby Flay. So when I told her that he would be at the Hudson Valley Ribfest, she got very excited.

The stalking began Friday night shortly after arrival. I said “do you want to go say hi to Butch?”
“Not yet…let’s go walk by his stand…” She said.
So, we walked (stalked) by his stand and spotted Butch talking to some people.
“He’s right there, want to say hi?” I said.
“No. Maybe tomorrow.”

Saturday night we did another walk by, but Butch was nowhere in site. Sunday we were very busy with the BBQ comp and had no time to spy on anyone. But today would be her last chance…

Being the great guy that he is, Butch attended the KCBS awards ceremony. Cheering everyone that got called like they were his best friend. Walking back from the awards I said “this is your last chance ya know?”
“Let’s go.” She said, and started walking to Butch’s stand.
Two lines formed at Butch’s Smack Your Lips BBQ stand, one for ribs, and one to get your picture taken with Butch.
Kris waited with a smile.


WhiteTrashBBQ said...

Butch is worth waiting on line to meet. He's one of the funniest guys on the circuit.

pigtrip said...

There's no getting around it: chicks are finally starting to dig fat guys with beards.

Eric Devlin said...

"There's no getting around it: chicks are finally starting to dig fat guys with beards."

Did I mention that I'm next months cover boy for "People Magazines" top 50 beautiful BBQ people issue?

And to think that I was contemplating shaving.