Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Night Food Porn

Apple Bread Pudding

Last weekend at the Hudson Valley Ribfest the organizers added an apple category. It was the fifth category on Sunday and was completely open; anything edible and non edible would be allowed in the box. Kris had practiced this recipe a couple times beforehand, and we all thought it tasted great. It had a great caramel sauce that the sauteed apples sat in, and was atop a great tasting bread pudding made from challah bread. It finished in the middle of the pack. The judges didn't love it but also didn't hate it. I was lucky enough to walk around and sample some of our competition's apple dishes. Let me tell you, there was some amazing stuff there. From cheese cakes to deep fried apple wontons and everything in between. So this category was very tough to stand out from the crowd. At the end of the day we were still happy with our turn in, and it was great to eat something not BBQ.


Ted Lorson said...

Those look great! Was very surprised it didn't score higher.

WhiteTrashBBQ said...

Man - that looks fantastic.

Love the garnish!