Monday, November 3, 2008

Try This Beer

Harpoon Glacier Harvest '08

Well, it really should read: you should have tried this beer. Because it's gonna be a tough one to find.

This is part of the Harpoon Brewery's 100 Barrel Series. It's session number 24 and the beer is labeled a Wet Hop Pale Ale. Unlike most beers, which use dried hops, this beer has a generous dose of fresh hops added to it on brew day; the same day the hops are picked. That gives the beer a unique fresh, big hop flavor without too much bitterness. I also got the same pungent freshness in the aroma as well. This beer has a beautiful copper color; and the perfect levels of carbonation produce a small lacy head that dissipates quickly. Mouthfeel was spot on, with light to medium body that gave way to intense hop flavor and a slightly sweet finish. Glacier Harvest weighs in at 6.7% alcohol. It would be a great beer to enjoy while doing some yard work on a cool and crisp November weekend. I just hope I can find some more...

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