Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Night Food Porn

Roasted Vegetable Soup With Puff Pastry

Like I've said before: fall is soup season. Roasting vegetables, making stocks, and simmering that goodness all day long. This soup has all that and puff pastry! The beauty of this soup (or any) is that you can make it a day before you're ready to eat it. Here, I put the soup in small ramekins and placed some rounds of puff pastry on top. In about 10 minutes the pastry has risen and the soup in nice and hot. Perfect for a cold night.


Sledneck said...

What was in the soup?

Lakeside Smoker said...

I roasted off some carrots, celery, onions, and garlic; made a stock from that. Then I roasted some vine ripe tomatoes, EVOO, garlic, and basil. Pureed that and then added the stock to it. Simmered, salt, pepper, chill, reheat in the ramekins the next day.