Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Next Season

Looks like 2009 is going to be a busy BBQ season; many comps to pick from, new and old. I don’t have all the dates yet, but here is a run down of possible comps in the New England area you'll be able to choose from next year:

Freeze Your Butt Off
The Snowshoe Grilling Challenge
Oyster Bay
Peter’s Pond
Rockin’ Ribfest
Lake Placid
Troy Pig Out
Hudson Valley Ribfest
Celebrate Maine Festival
Norwalk, CT
Harvard Fall Festival
Westport Blues Views and BBQ
Battle of the BBQ Brethren

There is also talk about competitions in Rhode Island, Dover, NH, and Amesbury, MA. The Brookline Backyard BBQ Competition might be happening again this year. Hopefully Grilling on the Bay happens again. And I’m sure I’m forgetting a few more. Not to mention Eggfest, NEBSfest, and judging schools!

So, we now have plenty of comps to pick from. But some of these will have conflicting dates with each other; and, for the average team, it would be impossible to compete in all of them. Next year would be a great time for anyone who is ‘on the fence’ about competing to GET OUT THERE! We need teams next year. Another thing I would love to see next year is the 'team split'. Not a break up, just a temporary split. Some teams out there have 47 members. It would be cool to see how the split teams would do against each other. Uncle Jed’s team could easily split into 5 separate teams. The Bastey Boys and The Bastey Girls, IQue2, I Smell Smoke Also, Transformers and Decepticons, The Cold Cuts...For years now we’ve all been wanting more comps in New England…well, here they are. Now what can we do to make them stick around?


WhiteTrashBBQ said...

GOTB - April 4. Don't tell anyone.

Lakeside Smoker said...

Cool! But you should tell more than the 6 people who read my blog. :)

Ted Lorson said...

GOTB grilling or BBQ?

WhiteTrashBBQ said...

Shit. 6 people? Damn. Word's out!