Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ready for Sayville

This weekend we'll be heading down to Sayville, NY to compete in the 2nd annual Battle of the BBQ Brethren. And we cannot wait! I have been looking forward to this comp all year long. It's kind of bitter sweet because it's a great contest, but it's also the last one of the year for us. We competed last year and had an amazing time. When people ask me what makes a contest great I will always start talking about Sayville 2007. The communication with the teams from the organizers before the contest was great. Getting on site was easy. Cooks dinner and breakfast, ice delivered to your site, trash pick up, calls up to 10th place, great prize money, and it was a charity event for breast cancer awareness. This year promises to be the same.

Kris and I will be getting up real early on Saturday morning and driving down to New London, CT to catch the ferry. The ferry will arrive at Orient Point, NY at the tip of Long Island one and a half hours later. Another one hour drive and we'll be in Sayville getting our site set up. This year we'll be competing against 45 other teams for a New York State Championship. Some are on the heels of a victory, some are overdue for a victory, some are veterans of the circuit, and for some it will be their first comp. But, like I always say 'any team, any Sunday.'

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WhiteTrashBBQ said...

Good luck and kick some ass!