Thursday, October 30, 2008

Breaking News

Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale is here!!

'That's breaking news?' I can hear them now.

Yes, yes it is. In my world that's exactly what breaking news should be. As a matter of fact I think we should have an all beer television network and an all BBQ one too. They have about 20 news networks, 5 weather channels, 20 sport stations...they even have a golf channel!!! A whole network for watching golf! But not one BBQ or beer network. I'd be happy with BBQ and beer network. That would be cool; imagine a news report on that station.

"Our top story tonight: Sierra Nevada today released it's winter offering. It's bold, malty, and pleasantly hopped. Full review at eleven." Or: "In BBQ news today: New England teams rocked The Jack and a Jesus sighting at Sayville. More at the top of the hour."

To me, this stuff matters. Breaking news should be about the good things in life. Not hurricanes or the Dow Jones crashing. They have plenty of other outlets for that depressing stuff.

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