Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Night Food Porn

Pan Seared Filet of Beef

This dish is as much about the pan as it is about the steak. After my 'pepper epiphany' last weekend my cooking thoughts have been focused on little else. In anticipation for the peppers to arrive, I got out my old cast iron pan. Much to my dismay it will be too small to cook 200 peppers. That's OK I thought, I'll do a few will be fine. That thought lasted about 10 minutes and then I was online looking for a new cast iron pan. The pan I was looking for was a no-brainer: the 20" skillet from Lodge. Although the 20" in no longer available, Lodge still makes a 17" skillet. So, one phone call to Al, Kris' Dad (he is in the restaurant supply business in Boston), and a new pre seasoned Lodge Logic 17" cast iron skillet avived at my house that night. I knew that I needed to cook in that pan the second I got it. The next day I picked up some beef tenderloin, cut them into thick steaks, seasoned them with olive oil, salt and pepper. I put the pan on my outside burner, got it nice and hot, and tossed the steaks on. About 4 minutes a side is all it took for a nice rare steak with an amazing crust on the outside. I might never grill a steak again.


pigtrip said...

O. M. G. !

YankeeBBQ said...

The peppers were awesome ! Thanks for sharing.