Wednesday, May 6, 2009

BBQ Workshop at Lester's

Last Saturday NEBS was invited to participate in a BBQ workshop at Lester's Roadside BBQ. The class was instructed by Steve and Scott of the competition team Meat at Slims. They covered the basics of backyard BBQ including ribs, chicken, rubs, and sauces. Doug Shaffer, owner and pit boss of Lester's, also spoke and shared with the class the in's and out's of BBQ on a commercial scale. Lester's manager, Dave, talked about pairing craft beer with BBQ and included some great samples. NEBS official spokesperson, Andy King, did a great job speaking on NEBS behalf. Both Andy and I fielded questions from the 30 students. The class lasted 5 hours and finished with a BBQ buffet, and gift bags for the students. It was a great class on a beautiful sunny spring day. Be on the lookout for more workshops in the future from these guys.

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