Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Night Food Porn

BBQ Fatty

Earlier this week a 'Concerned Blog Fan' questioned if I even cook BBQ. He/she had a good point! Looking at my blog content, from shrimp foam to beer reviews, it doesn't look like I cook BBQ at all. The truth is I really don't cook much BBQ; and when I do it's just to practice for a competition. This got me thinking. I think I like the verb barbecue, way better than the noun barbecue. For me it's not about the food (BBQ) but more about the scene. The people, the competitions, NEBS, building stuff to cook BBQ from, and talking about the circuit. That's the stuff I like. When I tell hardcore BBQ lovers this they get shocked. "You don't love BBQ?" they yell. And when I say no they don't even believe me. Don't get me wrong, if it's good BBQ, well cooked, perfectly seasoned, I'll eat it and like it. But it's never my first choice for dinner.

So, why the BBQ fatty? You guessed it: practice. The Snowshoe Grilling Challenge is coming up soon, so I needed to dig out my WSM from the snow and build a fire in it.


nitrofly said...

Mike that is one nice looking
Fatty.. I would give you at least
an 8 on apperance.. Nice shine.
Too bad I can't judge the Snowshoe
this year..


Lakeside Smoker said...

Thanks Sully! That's too bad you will not be at the Snowshoe this year.