Thursday, January 22, 2009

Try This Cheese

Great Hill Blue

Some of you have asked 'where's Try This Beer been?' It's coming, I promise. I've been drinking some good beers lately but nothing has inspired me to write anything. This cheese, however, did. I fell in love with this cheese over the weekend. Kris and I stayed at Hotel Marlowe in Cambridge, MA Friday night. We were meeting our friends Lisa and Lori later that night for dinner. We checked into the hotel early and went downstairs to Bambara; it's a great brasserie located off the lobby of the hotel. We knew that night's dinner would be a feast, so we ordered some Harpoon IPA's and the cheese platter. Well, the beer was extremely fresh and as hoppy as I've ever had it before. The cheese platter was simple: 3 cheeses, toasted pecans, honey, and lightly grilled bread. Everything was great, but the Great Hill Blue was amazing. If you like a bold, fully flavored blue cheese, this one's for you.

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