Monday, January 12, 2009

Eat Food, Not Trends

I love raw tuna. There, I said it.
I love it in sushi, as sashimi, seared but still raw, plain, dipped in Ponzu…if its good quality tuna, I’m eating it. But lately I’ve been reading that raw tuna is ‘passé’ or ‘cliché’ (their words, not mine). The Ultra Food Elite said so. The Uber Foodie Bloggers write about it all the time. You know the types; they go to restaurants looking for any reason to bash the food, chef, service, and then blog about it at 1 AM. Things like this: “The ubiquitous raw tuna…” or “…didn’t anyone tell the chef that raw tuna is archaic now?” and “if I see one more tuna tartar!!” These are the same people who raved how ground-breaking raw tuna was about 10 years ago. And they were wrong then too. Some cultures have been eating raw fish since before recorded history. I guess they’ll have to stop now, it’s not en vogue anymore. But, mark my word, in 10-15 years there will be bloggers saying things like this: “retro raw tuna” or “…it brilliantly transformed me back to my youth.” Claiming that raw tuna is once again back in fashion. Well, I’m not waiting. I’m not following food trends. I’ll base my opinion on the quality and freshness of the tuna, lamb, veal, or whatever is being served to me. So, I’ll let ‘the experts’ argue about what’s in or out. But in the meanwhile, pass the Ponzu.

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Pigtrip said...


I'd love to say I'm with you 100%, but it's only 99%: I'm so sick of the ubiquitous (there's that word again) "flourless molten chocolate cake" that must be ordered way before the appetizers even arrive. The waiter keeps reminding you how much extra time it takes and warns that you're missing out if you don't jump all over it. If you do fall for it, when all is said and done, it's really quite boring.