Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Top 10 Reasons You Know You're With A BBQ Junkie...(and You May Be Turning Into One Yourself)

By Kris

10. Your husband wants you to deliver your firstborn in a camper at Harpoon.

9. As you're driving down the street, a random guy in a red vest is frantically waving at your husband in the passenger seat. When you ask "who was that", he replies, "the BJ's greeter."

8. Instead of a family portrait hanging over your fireplace, you have a beef chart.

7. Everyone you cook for knows what a smoke ring is.

6. You've never seen American Idol because you only watch shows where the main character is a kitchen appliance.

5. Instead of window shopping at the mall, you find yourself browsing in the meat section at the butcher shop.

4. As you eat you judge all your food according to appearance, taste, and tenderness.

3. You often find yourself lurking on various BBQ websites.

2. When you get engaged everyone wants your wedding to be held at Peter's Pond...and you find yourself actually considering it.

1. You know it's 1,143 miles to Lynchburg, TN and you actually HOPE you can make the drive someday.


Ted Lorson said...

I can't believe wanting to have your first born in a camper at Harpoon is only 10th...

Anonymous said...

If you guys do it, it will go right to the top of the list. :)


Transformer BBQ said...

I love the meat one... I will gok to RD just to see what they have... not because I am actually buying anything.

Anonymous said...

Another reason: you eat chicken every Sunday for dinner because your husband needs to try out new techniques.

; )

Jenny Hart

Anonymous said...

You know it sista :):)

YankeeBBQ said...

Another Peter's Pond Wedding!!! WoooHoooo!!! Let's do it. We'll cook the pig !!!!!

Anonymous said...


Would you mind sharing some of your husbands techniques? :)


Anonymous said...

Mike, I am afraid that if I did I would find myself in divorce court...

; )


Gary said...

You know you're a BBQ junkie when you not only read every BBQ blog every day, but keep checking back several times a day to see if there are any new comments.

Transformer BBQ said...

haha... Gary.

Even worse when you hang out with three other people during the weekend, and when you get home you log onto their blogs to see if they wrote anything about it... even though you were at the same event.