Sunday, January 30, 2011

Speaking Of Practice

I have a tendency to overbuy for a competition. I start shopping weeks in advance. I'll walk through two different BJ's sometimes three times a week. I'll look around Restaurant Depot once and a while and I have 2 butchers sourcing briskets for me. Inevitably I end up with way too much meat. I just can't help myself; I'll buy what I think looks good, but then something better comes along. So over the BBQ season my freezer gets packed. I don't love using frozen meat for a competition so it's perfect for practice cooks. If everything works out right my freezer will be empty as the 2011 season starts. Then repeat.

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Kevin Sandridge said...

So much meat to 'cue! Liked this post a lot. Referenced it over on my blog: ( Have added your blog to my Google Reader list. Will stop by frequently!