Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Are Blogs Dead?

Well, if they're not dead, maybe they're just dying. Especially this one: Updates are less frequent. Content is lacking. And by the time something is actually posted, it's old news. Why? I've blamed it on a lot of things. The offseason, work has been real busy, not enough food porn, or I just don't have anything interesting to say. But I do think that one reason why some blogs are dying is because of Facebook. And it makes perfect sense. Many BBQ bloggers just use Facebook to get their info out now. It's quicker and everyone you know (except me) is on it. You know where everyone is, who they're with, what they're doing, and how they feel. What they're cooking, what they're eating, and if they liked it or not. At BBQ contests the results are up on Facebook in real time. As people walk up to get their trophy, the BBQ world already knows about it. The info goes viral among your Friends instantaneously. For me to go home after the contest and write about it on Monday or Tuesday seems kind of laughable. I'm two days late to the party. (Even though I was there).

So, if everyone's connected and news travels in real time on Facebook, what's the problem? Why am I late to that party too? Well, I wasn't. I was on Facebook a few years ago. And it just wasn't for me. It just seemed like way too much info. For every cool picture, or interesting update, there was 20 things I could care less about. Like getting 'poked' or getting a 'gift'. I know I'm in the minority with this, and I'm sure a few people will even get mad at me for criticizing Facebook. But, what one of your 'Friends' had for breakfast, really isn't a 'News Feed'. Sorry.

I guess the title of this post should have asked: Is This Blog Dead? Should I start posting more? (When's the last time I did a Try This Beer post??) Can I win readers back with some Food Porn? Or is it too late? The BBQ community loves Facebook. All the players are on there posting daily (sometimes hourly). Why not me? I can't fight off Facebook forever, can I? Well, this blog might not be dead, but it's definitely on life support.


Jon in Albany said...

My wife joined Facebook. And her first few frustratating weeks were kind of funny to watch. Now she mostly ignores it.

I prefer the blog format. No as much information might get out there and it might not be as fast, but thought goes into a post. The reader might not know what restaurant you are eating at while you are there during a weekend out of town, but in my opinion the reader of a blog post summarizing the whole trip, the ups and downs, the places and the memories gets to read something better at their leisure.

At a blog, you also get to go places you might not normally go. If I stuble onto your blog, then to a blog you follow, then to a blog they follow, and on and on...I tend to find some interesting stuff. It's what surfing the web is all about. If I remember correctly, I found your blog from another blog that found your homemade sous vide machine.

Just my 2 cents. If you take a break and decide to come back, the post will show up in my blogger account. And I'll read it.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog. I look every other day to see if its updated. I check out 3-4 blogs and most of them haven't been updated. If you write it, I'll read it.

Anonymous said...

Mike, I look forward to your blog, it's worth the wait for me. Bill

The Perfect Butt

Anonymous said...

I enjoy it. keep it up if you have the time.

PatioDaddio said...

Mike, I share your sentiments about Facebook. Don't even get me started on Twitter. -John

WhiteTrashBBQ said...


Blogs aren't dead, but just as with any relationship the attraction ebbs and flows.

Facebook is good for quick shout outs, contest results and the like, but if you want to get into a subject, a blog is the way to go.

Keep pushing. I like your blog a lot and would hate to see it go. You've got an interesting take on the food world that I'd really miss

I QUE said...

Mine is definitely dead.... LOL