Saturday, March 27, 2010


I just got an email from They informed me that my blog would be included on their web site in an article called 20 More Sizzling BBQ Blogs. I thought that was real funny. If I had to summarize my blog, I don't think I would use the words sizzling or BBQ. Looking back at some recent posts on this blog we have: homemade pasta, an homage to an old restaurant, many posts about pho, and pics of the Caribbean. Clearly not sizzling BBQ. So, I thought the least that I could do would be to post something that remotely resembled BBQ. The pic above is of chicken wings that I cooked in my chicken cooker. I know that some might not think of this as BBQ and their probably right. But I did put BBQ sauce on them; and this was practice for a BBQ competition. So, it's kinda BBQ. Or at the very least: BBQ related.


Ted Lorson said...
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Weber Summit Grill said...

That barbeque looks great! :D What marinade sauce and barbeque sauce did you use on that? :)