Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dog's For Sale

I'm sorry if this is beginning to look more like a dog blog than a BBQ/food blog. But, I really have no 'guidelines' here. It's just a blog. There is not much going on in my BBQ world right now, and Kris and I are trying to eat a little better, so I don't have much food porn for you. So, here's some puppies.

Actually, these French Bulldogs are all in Maggie's lineage. The breeder we got Maggie from keeps in touch with most of her clients. She emails pics of her latest litters, and always wants to hear how Maggie's doing. She would love for us to add one of these little guys to our pack. We always think about it, but it never happens. But this litter is so damn hard to look past. I would love for someone I know to get one of these dogs.

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