Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Night Food Porn

Grilled Lamb

I have no idea why Easter is associated with lamb, but I'm glad it is because I love lamb. Roasted leg, braised shanks, or grilled chops, it's all good to me. Every Easter Kris and I go to my sister's house for dinner. She cooks a nice leg of lamb and a crown roast of pork. It's a good plan because not everyone likes lamb, so they get something else to choose from. But, this year, it all changes.
"Where do you get your prime rib?" She asks me on Monday.
"Several places...why?"
"I need one for Sunday."
"Oh, Sunday's Easter." I remind her.
"I thought I'd change it up this year."
"Beef and lamb?"
"No. Just beef, everyone loves prime rib right!"
Well, she's got a point, everyone does love a nice chunk of beef. But I love lamb and I'm craving it real bad right now. So all week I strategize on bringing my rotisserie home from my shop, getting a whole leg of lamb, and finding a few hours to cook it up...As you can see from the pics, this did not happen. But what did happen was simple grilled lamb chops. It took care of my craving, tasted good, and was done cooking in minutes.


Anonymous said...

Easter is associated with lamb because Jesus was called the Lamb of God. "Lamb" refers to Jesus' role as a sacrificial lamb to atone for man's natural sin. The Christian symbolism goes as far back as the Jewish Paschal lamb, which was traditionally eaten during Passover.

In any case, your lamb looks delicious. Good work!

I QUE said...

"I have no idea why Easter is associated with lamb"

Because Easter is in early Spring... and in early spring Lambs are small, tender and delicious creatures.

Looks great Mike!