Monday, March 2, 2009

The BBQ Bailout

Grand champ: I Smell Smoke
Reserve: To Que a Mockingbird
3- Lakeside Smokers
4- Decepticon BBQ
5- Q Haven

5- 2bq'd
4 –Decepticon BBQ
3- Q Haven
2- Lakeside Smokers
1- To Que a Mockingbird

Flank Steak:
5- Q Haven
4- Cousin Eddie and the Dickies
3 -I Smell Smoke
2 -To Que a Mockingbird
1 –Autobot BBQ

5 –Lakeside Smokers
4- Q Haven
3- 2bq'd
2 -Smokey O's BBQ
1- I Smell Smoke

5-Low iQue
4- Autobot BBQ
3- Lakeside Smokers
2 -I Smell Smoke
1- S & M BBQ


Jon in Albany said...

That looks like a really good time. We do our own family of BBQ fest in mid-February. Ribs and sausage cooked up in a pit plus my wife's aunt fries up a bunch of pierogies. Throw in a bunch of summer picnic sides and you've got summer in February.

I've never been involved in a competition. When did flank steak make the jump to go pro?

Lakeside Smoker said...

Hi Jon,
Yeah, nothing like cooking outside in February! Good times.

The contest itself wasn't 'pro', it was just a quick grilling/BBQ comp to shake off the winter blues.

You should try your hand at competing! I see lots of new teams coming out this year. Go to for more info.

Thanks for reading,