Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Try This Beer

Smuttynose IPA

Smuttynose IPA has been my 'go to' IPA for the past two summers. It's very unusual for a beer geek, like myself, to drink a lot of the same beer. We all love to try something different, or our tastes are always changing. But this IPA has been scratching me right where it itches: in the taste buds. The nose on this IPA hits me with tons of citrus and a little fresh cut grass. The golden color has a nice haze to it, because it's unfiltered, always a good thing in my opinion. The thick head stays with you for the entire glass. The first sip wakes up your mouth with hops, a tremendous amount of hops. I get a lot of grapefruit and a lasting bitterness on the sides of my tongue. This beer weighs in at 6.7% alcohol, adding even more character to this very aggressive IPA. This is not a beer for the casual IPA drinker, this is a beer designed for us Hopheads.
Also, the label sums up what beer is to me: real people, kicking back, and enjoying life.

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Pigtrip said...

Man, it's obvious you don't just drink beer, you savor it. You should be writing for a beer magazine.