Saturday, August 14, 2010

Counting Down The Days

Last year was our first year competing at The Jack. As with most teams, it seems to be the goal to get there at least once; and we were very happy that we made that happen. But, as this season marched on a strange thing happened: I wanted to get back to Lynchburg in the worst way. I wanted to look out over the Hollow one more time. I wanted to walk around Lynchburg square again. I wanted to see some old friends again. I wanted, no, needed to eat the fried okra at Miss Mary Bobo's one more time.

Even before the season started we had a great chance to get back to the Jack. We were in the Connecticut draw with I Smell Smoke!!! A great place to be for sure. If either ISS!!! or Lakeside wins an auto both teams go. This year New England had 4 autos: The Cape, Merrimack, Harpoon, and Maine. But, by late July nothing had changed. It looked like we would be going into The Draw, and that really sucks. Not only because you don't find out until September. But because it's one less New England team to represent. I truly want as many teams from New England down there as possible. Anyway, we had one more chance: Maine. One of our favorite contests. Both teams would be there too. (no pressure, right?) But, in the end I Smell Smoke!!! dominated the competition by 22 points! It was a huge win and came at the perfect time. Nice job guys. Transformer was Reserve and Lakeside finished in 3rd. It was a great way to end a fantastic weekend.

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