Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Royal/Jack Daniel's Dessert Category

Dark Chocolate Brownie with Raspberry Mousse and Fresh Whipped Cream

This is the entry we submitted for both the Jack, and the Royal, in the dessert category. This was all Kris. She conceived it, practiced it, and executed it at both competitions. Although it did not get a call at either event, it got some great scores. It finished 33rd at the Royal with a 173, and finish 14th at the Jack with a 172. (For those of you not familiar with KCBS scoring: a 180 is a perfect score.) At the Royal the top 6 teams got a perfect 180 in the dessert category! At the Jack we missed the top ten, and a call, by .5714 of a point! Anyway, I thought it was great, and our families really enjoyed all the practice runs.


She Loves Wine said...

Everything on your site looks WONDERFUL... no recipes? I like that your entries reveal your personalities... nicely done.

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