Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Snowshoe

One week from today The Snowshoe Grilling Challenge will be happening in Abington, MA. Some of the best teams from New England and New York will be converging on the VFW parking lot to compete for the title of Snowshoe Grand Champion. A much sought after title in this area.

Kris and I are really excited about this event. It's been a long winter and just seeing some of the teams that we have not seen in a while will be great. But also it's been a long time since we have competed. Our last competition was on October 21, 2007, in Salville, NY. That was five months ago! Way too long. I remember driving back from New York thinking to myself, what should we cook for The Snowshoe? It's a sickness, I know, but most of the people reading this blog understand it completely.

So for the past 2 months we have been grilling every chance we get. My fish monger and butcher are in their glory with the amount of practice we've been doing. Our neighbors are always willing to come by for a snack and give us some feedback. I'm sort of happy with most of what we're doing so it should all come down to execution. But with this field of competitors I fully expect to finish somewhere near the bottom...

Here is the team list:

Transformer BBQ
Smoke'em if ya Gott'em
Lakeside Smokers
Q Haven
Purple Turtle
Feeding Friendz
Que Ball
Uncle Jed
Boneyard Smokers
I Que
I Smell Smoke!!!
Yabba Dabba Que
Dr. Frank N' Swine
Big Boned BBQ
Dirty Dick & The Legless Wonders
Pokey Smokers
Wildwood BBQ

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